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Principal Investigator


Natalie Artzi is an Assistant Professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. She is a principal Research Scientist at the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at MIT, and is an Associate member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Leveraging material science, chemistry, imaging and biology, Dr. Artzi’s group is dedicated to designing smart material platforms and medical devices to improve human health.

Dr. Artzi pioneered basic understanding of tissue:biomaterial interactions and concepts learned have changed the way we view materials. Materials and devices are now being ‘personalized’ by considering specific tissue microenvironments that are altered in the face of disease. Her multidisciplinary team works on developing materials for diagnosis and therapy, and exploit the toolkit available for material scientists to create multifaceted medical devices.  Dr. Artzi graduate thesis work at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) under the direction of Prof. Moshe Narkis defined how polymer:nano-filler interactions dictate structure:function relationships.

Her postdoctoral training with Prof. Elazer Edelman at MIT focused on studying tissue:biomaterial interactions to rationally design materials with optimal therapeutic outcome.She served as part of the scientific advisory board of Science Translational Medicine, and as a dedicated mentor she initiated student exchange program between Ort Braude College in Israel and MIT that provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to perform a year of internship under her supervision.


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology

B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology

The Group

Postdoctoral fellows

Shiran Ferber, PhD

"Drug delivery and Immunotherapy"

Shiran is a postdoctoral associate in immune engineering. She obtained a PhD from the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel, focused on cancer nanotechnology. She then moved to Boston for her postdoctoral studies at the laboratory of Robert Langer to work with the Gates Foundation on biomaterials for single-injection vaccine formulation and stabilization for developing countries. She is currently working on designing hydrogels and nanoparticles as cancer vaccines, immunotherapy for IBD/transplantation, and for lymphoid tissue engineering. Her expertise is in drug delivery, biomaterials and nanotechnology.

Pere Dosta Pons, PhD

"Drug delivery and nanotechnology"

Pere Dosta Pons is a postdoctoral researcher in biomaterials. He received his Ph.D. from Chemical Institute of Sarria in Bioengineering under the direction of Prof. Salvador Borros, focusing on nanoparticles synthesis for gene delivery applications. Previously, he obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Barcelona. Currently, Pere is developing smart nanomaterials for drug delivery and immunotherapy.

Santhosh Kalash, PhD

"Cancer immunotherapy"

Santhosh Kalash is a postdoctoral researcher in the cancer immunotherapy section of the Artzi group. He has obtained his bachelor’s in Biotechnology (‘10), master’s in Molecular medicine (‘13) and later obtained his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at the Chonnam National University, South Korea in 2019. His work was focused on the development of nanoassembly based nanoparticles for cancer gene therapy, immunotherapy and anti-inflammation. He is currently working on the nanoparticle based adjuvant delivery system for cancer immunotherapy.

Alexander Cryer, PhD

"Nanotechnology and drug delivery"

Alex is a postdoctoral research associate in cancer immunoengineering. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (2014) and Masters in Biomedical Research (2015) prior to obtaining a Ph.D. from Imperial College London, U.K. (2019), focused on the development of nanoparticle drug delivery systems for cancer therapy. His current work centralizes around engineering therapeutic cancer vaccines and improving immunotherapy delivery using biomaterials and nanotechnology.  

Fiona Freeman, PhD

"Regenerative Medicine and Biofabrication"

Fiona is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Research Fellow in Biomedical Engineering. She obtained a PhD from the National University of Ireland Galway in 2011, focusing on developing new strategies for bone tissue regeneration. She then moved to Trinity College Dublin, Ireland for her postdoctoral studies in the Lab of Professor Daniel Kelly where she began working on her own 2-year Government of Ireland Postdoctoral research grant using 3D bioprinting to generate cell-free composite constructs for large bone defect repair. This year she was awarded the Marie Skłodowska Curie global fellowship where she is currently developing a 3D bioprinted osteoinductive constructs that delivers chemotherapeutics within large bone defects that are surgically created when removing bone tumours. Her expertise is regenerative medicine and biofabrication.

Graduate Students


Michelle Dion

"Nanotechnology and drug delivery"

Michelle is a PhD student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Medical Engineering and Medical Physics program, concentrating in Biological Engineering. Her research interests are in nanotechnology, immune engineering, and drug delivery. Prior to graduate school, she worked at Genentech developing long-acting ocular drug delivery technologies and applying antibody engineering techniques for the optimization of ocular therapeutics. She received her S.B. in Chemical-Biological Engineering from MIT. As an undergraduate, Michelle worked in Ron Weiss’s lab as a member of the iGEM team, applying synthetic biology techniques to develop self-assembling mammalian tissues.

Núria Puigmal Domínguez

"Immunoengineering and biomaterials"

Núria is a PhD candidate in Bioengineering at the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS). She received her B.S. in Biotechnology from the University of Girona and completed her Master’s in Bioengineering at IQS. Her PhD research has been focused on development of nanoparticles for local delivery to the skin and DNA/RNA vaccines. Currently, she is working on microneedle fabrication and drug delivery. 

Pau Hurtado Niubò

"Drug delivery and nanotechnology"

Pau Hurtado Niubò is a Master's student at Chemical Institute of Sarria (IQS), Barcelona. He received his BSc in Chemistry at IQS after performing his Bachelor thesis on the preparation and characterization of a dual drug delivery system based on mesoporus silica nanoparticles for cancer therapy. He also performed research at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, department of water management during a Bachelor's internship. He is currently pursuing his Master thesis at Artzi lab working on a nanoparticle drug delivery system for immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

Daniel Dahis

"Ultrasound-induced Immunotherapy Delivery "

Daniel is a graduate student at the Biomedical Engineering Department at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is implementing collaborative research between the Medical Imaging Lab At the Technion, led by Prof. Haim Azhari, and our lab. Daniel received his BSc from the Federal University of Brazil in Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude. During his Masters at the Technion, Daniel developed an alternative ultrasonic thermometry modality that can be accessible for clinicians and patients. In his Ph.D., Daniel aims to improve brain cancer therapy by combining focused ultrasound and immunotherapy.

Kalaumari Mayoral Peña

"Cancer diagnosis and nanotechnology"

Kalaumari is a PhD student in Biotechnology at Tecnologico de Monterrey. He received his B.S. in Biotechnology Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey and completed a master’s in Food Science and Technology at Autonomous University of Queretaro. During his master’s degree, Kalaumari developed an electrochemical biosensor for the quantification of legume’s lectins. He has been a faculty mentor in the Biomolecular Design Competition (BIOMOD) since 2016.  His current work is focused in the development of microfluidic devices for the detection and analysis of cancer cells.


Orlando González Ortiz

"Nanotechnology and microfluidics "

Michaela Nicole Prado Larrea

"Nanotechnology and drug delivery "

Cynthia Ramírez Rodríguez

"Microneedles and nanotechnology"


Kristen Alexandra Rodrigues

Yi Zhang, PhD

Kui Wang, PhD

Sara Strecker, PhD

Shimon Unterman, PhD

Shani Elgin, Bs

Lyndon Charles, PhD

Christina Arnold, PhD

Hyun Seok Song, PhD

Nuria Oliva, PhD

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