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Thrilled to see our work featured in AIChE-CEP Magazine highlighting our development of a non-invasive tool, based on microneedles and Simoa, to monitor melanoma patients' response to immunotherapy (Link to article) (PDF)


Natalie Artzi awarded as the 2024 Acta Biomaterialia Silver Medal recipient


It was a pleasure to join the 2023 Wyss Institute Retreat, during which Natalie Artzi Chaired a panel on cancer and Michelle Dion presented her work with the greater Wyss community.


Thank you to the Langer Lab for hosting a wonderful seminar. Natalie Artzi presented on using engineering nanoparticles and microneedles to precisely modulate the immune system.


Celebrating the Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposiom (NanoDDS) 2023 with all who participated. It was a joyful success thanks to Chair, Natalie Artzi, and Co-Chairs, Jinjun Shi, Tatiana Novobrantseva, Laura Sepp-Lorenzino, and Ana Jaklenec.


Congratulations to Natalie Artzi for being elected as a fellow of the Controlled Release Society


Congratulations to Maria Poley for being awarded the NIH T32 Fellowship


Watch Natalie Artzi's

2023 World Innovation Medical Forum talk here:


Michelle Dion was awarded the prestigious

IMES 2023-2024 Martin Prince Fellowship,

for her pioneering innovations in brain cancer research

Michelle Dion-1.webp

Nuria Puigmal-Dominguez was awarded the Harvard Business School Blavatnik fellowship, aiming to translate our technology for the treatment of autoimmune diseases to the clinic


     BRIght Futures Award 2019

     Natalie Artzi wins the Bright Futures Award 2019

     International women 2019

     Women enabling science to reach the people who need it.

     Brigham Clinical & Clinical News 2019

     The Brigham’s Bioengineers: Forecasting Disease. 

     Stepping Strong Innovator Award 2018

     The Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation awarded Prof. Natalie Artzi

     with funding for her research in healing infected bones using antibiotics and

     localized gene therapy.

     Controlled Release society 2018 Award

     2018 Young investigator award​ Gene Delivery and Gene Editing Focus Group.

     Brigham Health News "Tomorrow’s Medicine Today"

     Summer 2018: The future will see you now. Technologies are changing the

     where, what, and how of healthcare.


     Wellcome Image Awards 2017

     MicroRNA scaffold cancer therapy image as one of the award winners.


     NML Researcher Award 2016

     Prof. Natalie Artzi awarded with the Nano-Micro Letters Researcher Award.

     Boston Herald

     Local scientists bolstering Joe Biden’s cancer campaign.

     Biomedical Picture of the Day

     A Sticky Solution

     MIT News 

     Gene therapy technique may help prevent cancer metastasis.


     HIGHLIGHT on Science Translational Medicine

     Triple threat to colorectal cancer.

     The Naked Scientists: Science News Cambridge University

     Patch beats off colorectal tumours.

     MIT News 

     Patch that delivers drug, gene, and light-based therapy to tumor sites shows promising results

     National Cancer Institute Image award 2016

     Cancer close up image award.

     News Medical

     Delivering microRNAs in cancer treatment: an interview with Dr Conde and Dr Artzi.


     HIGHLIGHT on Science Translational Medicine

     Efficacy by design.

     BWH News 

     Shrinking Tumors with an RNA Triple-Helix Hydrogel Glue.


     MIT News 

     A new way to deliver microRNAs for cancer treatment

     Scientists exploit gene therapy to shrink tumors in mice with an aggressive form of

     breast cancer.

     Inside Front Cover featured in Advanced Healthcare Materials for the research paper "Tuning of

     Collagen Scaffold Properties Modulates Embedded Endothelial Cell Regulatory Phenotype in

     Repair of Vascular Injuries In Vivo"

     Qmed News: 10 Biomaterial Breakthroughs You Need to Know

     Specially Tailored Tissue Adhesives

     Front Cover featured in Advanced Functional Materials for the research paper "Dual targeted

     immunotherapy via in vivo delivery of biohybrid RNAi-peptide nanoparticles to

     tumour-associated macrophages and cancer cells".



     Front Cover featured in Advanced Healthcare Materials for the review "Personalizing

     biomaterials for precision nanomedicine in  light of local tissue microenvironment"





     Multifunctional nanodevice reverses drug resistance.



     CNET News

     Sneaky 'nanobeacon' delivers smackdown to cancer cells' defenses

     By silencing a mechanism that allows cancer cells to reject anti-cancer drugs, a new
     breakthrough out of MIT 
and Harvard could dramatically increase the efficacy of treatment.



                Cosmos Magazine Australia

                A gold Trojan nano-horse that fights cancer

                Gold nanoparticles designed to kill cancer cells are showing promise. 



     IMES News


     Tiny particles embedded in gel can turn off drug-resistance genes, then release cancer drugs.


     MIT News 

     New nanodevice defeats drug resistance

     Tiny particles embedded in gel can turn off drug-resistance genes, then release cancer drugs.



     NanoWerk News

     Researchers design tailored tissue adhesives.



     FOCUS on Science Translational Medicine by Buddy D. Ratner

     Healing with medical implants: The body battles back.



     Front Cover featured in Science Translational Medicine for the research paper "Regulation of

     dendrimer:dextran material performance by the altered tissue microenvironment in

     inflammation and neoplasia".



      MIT News 

      MIT researchers design tailored tissue adhesives

      Glue can be modified for optimal performance in different types of diseased tissue.





      Sealants get specific.

      MIT News 

      MIT team aims to tailor surgical glues for specific applications

      Researchers look to match material to tissue properties.

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Mid-Career Award 2020

   Prof. Natalie Artzi honored with Mid-career Award

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